Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas Name Draw UPDATE

All right. The lots have been cast. The names have been drawn. I will be sending you the results by snail mail. I need Kate & Joe's address, Will's address, Nicki's address, & Cody & Jake's. Does Ty live in La Center, still? Love you all! Comment to this post with address, if you will. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Birthday to Jarrod-Bear!

Happy Birthday to you!
Our little side-stepping, hat-wearing boy is all of 23 years old today! Love you, Jarre. You're the best!


I have been guilty of blog neglect.
Aunt Becky has been all over me to get here and read all the wonderful postings. Blog Smog I'm busy.
Okay, okay, she was right, I was wrong. I did need to read. This is great. Thank you Cass for setting the blog in motion.
Naive blogger questions: Does there need to be a theme, cute story or creative burst to pen a post or can we write to ask a simple question or just say hey? Can anyone and everyone (the world at large) see this blog. Can we post a photo and are there drawbacks to doing that?
Cass is it going to be a pain to contact all of us individually to let us know the results of the draw? Do you want us to contact you after a certain time or by email so you can just hit reply or......
Oh yeah and Cass can you add my website to the list? YoursTruly.MyArbonne.Com
Just wanted to say Happy Turkey Day to all the Jones and Brocks that I won't get to see and hug on Thursday.
Gobble Gobble

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Personal Websites or Blogs?

Hey, all... Let me know if you have a blog or website that you'd like to share with the family. I'll put a link to it on the "Links" section in the margin of this page. Allow me to direct your attention there, now. Seth, Darren, Nicki, Bridgeway, and me are all represented. Let me know yours and I'll add it!

<3, Cass

Aloha from Becky

Hi family, this is fun, it helps to see family info while I'm away from home. Hey...let's plan on doing the gift exchange after Wes and Jenny get home so they can be there. How about the 29th? the day after they return. It wouldn't be the same without them and we have to indoctrinate (spell?) Jenny to the Jones joyous Christmas celebration. We can do it at our house.
Kate-do you and Joe want to be included in the name draw as a couple or as individuals?

I can attest to Kate's recipe for coffee tri-tip...yummy...on the Barbie. Can't wait to see you next week sweetie...

Yes, it's true, I'm writing this note from my hotel room on Waikiki....don't worry folks, I haven't even seen a beach since I arrived on Monday. I can see the ocean while eating dinner down on the patio. My hotel room view is of the city, pretty much looks like any other city when you are working.. Ha... Speaking of coffee... My customer is bringing me 2 lbs of authenic Kona beans this afternoon.. I'm sure I could get this at home but hey.. Anyway, the price at Starbucks for a lb of Kona is $19.95...I think I'm paying $15 cause he is going to Costco for it. So, get ready for good espresso for the holidays.

gotta run...Love you all

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Name Draw

Cassidy, Joe and I would love to be part of the name draw. Also, as far a coffee, we like darker roasts like French roast and Sumatra and such. A good way to use extra coffee is to grind it up and put it on steak before you grill it (Joe does this with tri-tip and it always seems to be a hit).

Cody, the blogging isn't so annoying because we can just minimize you so maybe you'll have to work on that or just make up with some in person long windedness over the holidays. Joe and I will be in Scappoose (St Helens- do I dare say) for Thansgiving- I can't wait.


Christmas In Chicago...

Hey Family! That title sounds like a movie doesn't it? Well I just wanted you all to know that Jenny and I will be spending Christmas this year in Chicago. We are leaving on December 20 and will return on December 28. Jenny's oldest sister Rebecca and her family live in Chicago. Bec will be having a baby in the middle of December and won't be able to travel home to North Carolina for Christmas this year, so the rest of us decided to go to them. This will be the first time that Jenny sees her parents since the wedding. We are really looking forward to it, however, it will be my first Christmas away from home.

Jenny and I would love to participate in the name draw, but I don't know when the Jones side will be getting together for Christmas and I don't want to change everyone's plans. Whatever is decided will be fine with us and I'm sure that we will all have some sort of Christmas party this year. My point of this post is just to let you all know our plans for this Holiday Season!

Christmas Name Draw

Hey, family! I've been hearing that we want to do a name draw this year... Allow me to list the vital statistics of such a change:
  • Each participating family member draws just one name of another participating family member.
  • Granny & Pa aren't included. They can give to all and receive from all.
  • Our purpose is to simplify the holidays. Added benefit: you will be thinking of whoever you draw for the entire season! One person to think of isn't overwhelming...and just consider all the concentrated love they receive as you consider their needs and likes!
  • We'll put a $30 cap on the gift. (Wasn't that what we decided?)
As soon as I hear from everyone, I will hold a super-secret and completely random name draw and let you all know the outcome. Yes, it's true that I will know all. But I'll try to forget. This is because we are all spread out and won't be able to be present for a ceremonious group name draw.

Brocks are all in, including Wes & Jenny. Becky & Glenna are in. Cody & Jake, too. Nicki wants in, and she's going to ask Will and Ty if they'd like to. It'll be great to see Joel & Sarah over the holidays! But they have requested not to be in the draw. We're waiting on Kate & Joe's status, and Will & Ty, too.

Love you all! Leave comments, suggestions, corrections.... Love, Cass

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hugo has arrived!

Holy cow, here comes an Argonaut! For those of you not familiar with me, I am the lesser known companion of Jason the Argonaut, the great and mighty Hugo the Argonaut, also known as the stocker of shelves, bringer of contentment, licker of envelopes, and sometimes simply Hugo, the less than excited one. Be prepared for a man who knows nothing of blogs, blogging, or how to blog in our exciting and modern blog-filled world. There is one thing I know for sure, and that is that blog is a fun word to say, equivalent maybe to hyperbole, absorb, and splendifferous.

Nevertheless, here I am, blogging away like a young boy should. I don't have now, nor have I ever had, anything particularly useful to contribute, but I do like to be present and take up space, something I seem to do quite well as you can plainly see.

I realize that it may be narcissistic of me to take up this much space on an introduction, but it is my nature to be long-winded and ridiculous, and if you must blame someone, blame Cassidy for inviting me in the first place. She should have known the trouble I would cause. But you're all family and therefore you have to love me, so tough luck on you. Think of me as a tester of patience, which I'm told is a virtue.

So anyways, I guess all I really have to say is hello, and I look forward to blogging in the future with my loving and technologically advanced family. Blog. Hee hee.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Favorite Starbucks Roast?

All right. Here's where I need you all to comment and let me know what your favorite coffee bean roast at Starbucks is. Each week I get a free pound of coffee and I'd love to share it with my family... Christmas gifts and all, too... but I need to know your favorites. Sumatra? Verona? Kenya? Fincas de Chiapas? House Blend? Christmas Blend? See the Starbucks site for your options. Please comment!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Welcome To Our Fridge!

Shape, size, and color notwithstanding, the refrigerator has long been the iconic household bulletin board of sorts. With various magnets, we post pictures, invitations, schoolwork, reminders, and notes. That's the purpose of this site. A virtual fridge. So have at it! Here's where we, as a family, can keep in touch and up-to-date...even across the miles. Love you guys! Have fun!